About ALIF Fund

With a target size of US$ 5 billion, ALIF is the first Shariah compliant aircraft leasing Islamic Fund with Airbus and the Islamic Development Bank (“IDB”) as seed investors. The Aircraft Leasing Islamic Fund (“ALIF”) is incorporated in the Cayman Islands and is exclusively managed by IAFC.

The objective of the Fund is to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation of the assets by the purchase of new and used aircraft and the leasing or sub-leasing of aircraft to operators in accordance with the principles of Shariah. The Fund offers various forms of Islamic financing solutions, including Shariah compliant operating leases, sukuks, and ijarah financing. The fund aims to generate attractive returns to investors with quarterly cash on cash dividend distribution.

ALIF is managed by a strong management team of IAFC with outstanding experience in both the financial sector and aviation industry. Some of the services provided by IAFC as a Fund Manager of ALIF include:

  • Sourcing Aircraft
  • Leasing Aircraft
  • Managing leased Aircraft
  • Fund raising
  • Securing financing

By launching the first Shariah compliant Aircraft Leasing Fund seeded by aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the Islamic Development Bank, IAFC’s portfolio is aiming to bring an innovative trend of Shariah compliant financing into the aviation industry and establish the main principles of Islamic finance in aircraft leasing & sourcing.


ALIF Fund portfolio comprises of mainly new aircraft ordered directly from Airbus, this may be coupled with young aircraft acquired through sale and leaseback transactions in the future. The result is a risk-balanced portfolio of quality assets. The Fund is continuingly expanding its portfolios by offering more attractive investment opportunities for investors. For more information on transactions, please contact us.

Mr. Habib Fekih, Chairman of the Board

President of Airbus, MENA & Africa

Mr. Eric Francois, Director

General Manager of la Banque Postale, France

Mr. Luc-Henri Jamar, Director

Administrator of CPEP, Luxembourg.

Mr. Moulay Omar Alaoui, Director

President & CEO International Airfinance Corporation

Dr. Idriss Ghodbane, Director

Managing Partner & Board Member International Airfinance Corporation

Mr. Abdullah Al-Ahmadi, Director

Honorary Chairman, Interarab Cambist Association

Mr. Abdulmohsin Y. Aljohaimy, Director

CEO of Alsabiq Investment Company, Riyadh