Aircraft Leasing And Financing

IAFC is involved in all aspects of leasing aircraft. It offers unique solutions to meet your business needs. Whether it is a finance lease or operating lease or any other leasing solutions, IAFC will provide the most optimal financing structure based on the client's commercial strategy furthermore taking into consideration various aspects, including but not limited to aircraft type, engine type, cash flow requirements, and creditworthiness of the airline and aircraft residual value.

IAFC leverages its extensive network of relationships with Islamic and conventional financial institutions to identify and develop attractive financing structures customized to the needs of its client base.

Our financing structures such as purchase and lease back, forward purchase, operating lease and finance lease allows our customers to benefit from flexibility in adjusting their fleet in response to changing market conditions as well as concentration of the core business: the operation of a fleet rather than aircraft ownership.

IAFC stays on top of the developments in the financing and export credit markets to quickly pick up on trends and to identify opportunities.